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Custom Leather Sting Headgear

Custom Leather Sting Headgear are the ideal choice for protecting the customers’ faces and heads from head butts, punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. The unique design of these head guards allows the wearers to practice their techniques safely. These head guards are made from high-quality synthetic leather material which is durable and comfortable to wear. These head guards are available in various styles and colors.

Quick Details

Material: Synthetic Leather


  • Made into Top Quality Leather Art with three layers of IMT Gel Integrated thick foam
  • Using high quality removable grill for best full face protection
  • The creative drawing used for developing ideal pro-style design
  • World Apparel Head Guards can be used with & without face grill protection
  • Ensures 100% perfect quality guaranteed!


The greatest choice for head protection is here: the Custom Leather Sting Headgear. Sportsmen and martial artists are shielded against punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and head blows with this well-made helmet. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or sparring for fitness, our Sting Headgear delivers unrivaled protection and comfort. This headgear is a must-have for gyms, training centers, and sports stores. It is available in a range of patterns and colors and can be bought in quantity or wholesale.

Key Features

  • Excellent Synthetic Leather: The sting headgear’s durability and longevity are ensured by its superior synthetic leather composition. The material’s blend of comfort and durability makes wearing it for extended periods of time comfortable.
  • Unusual Design: The state-of-the-art construction of the custom leather sting headgear offers maximum protection while maintaining full range of motion. The ergonomic fit ensures that the headpiece will stay in place even during demanding training sessions.
  • Increased Safety: Your safety is our top priority when wearing our sting headgear. There is a lower risk of damage due to the high impact absorption of the substantial padding. For this reason, it is ideal for combatants of all experience levels.
  • Adjustable Fit: Each piece of sting headgear has adjustable straps that allow for a customized fit. This ensures that the headgear securely and pleasantly fits a range of head shapes and sizes.
  • Breathable and Lightweight: Despite its robust protection, theis is both breathable and lightweight. The airflow design helps to keep the wearer cool and dry even after prolonged use.
  • Variety of designs and colors: The sting headgear is available in a range of designs and colors, so you may choose a design that complements the colors of your team or your own taste.


  • Superior Protection: The ability of our sting headgear to protect its wearer from head traumas is its primary benefit. This helmet provides a strong defense against elbows, knees, punches, kicks, and head butts.
  • Wear Comfortably: Superior synthetic leather is used in the creation of the Custom Leather Sting Headgear, which was designed with comfort in mind. The material is pleasant on the skin, and the straps may be adjusted to provide a perfect fit.
  • Long-lasting and Durable: The longevity of our sting headgear is one of its key characteristics. Because of its synthetic leather construction, which protects it from deterioration from regular usage, it is a wise investment.
  • Improved Performance: When you are confident in your level of protection, you may focus more on your techniques and output. With the sting headgear, you can improve your skills and practice securely without having to worry about getting wounded.
  • Versatility: The custom leather sting headgear is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for many martial arts and combat sports. Mixed martial arts, boxing, and Muay Thai may all be done with this helmet.
  • Availability in bulk: Sports shops, fitness centers, and training centers greatly benefit from the option to purchase sting headgear in bulk or wholesale. This ensures that all athletes have access to high-quality, moderately cost protective gear.

Why Choose Custom Leather Sting Headgear

It’s imperative that all athletes who make physical contact have the proper headgear. The distinctiveness of custom leather sting headgear stems from several factors.

  • Expert craftsmanship: Every piece of sting headgear is carefully crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. Because of its excellent construction, the helmet provides the best possible protection and comfort.
  • Client Satisfaction: We take great pride in satisfying our clients’ demands and offering exceptional customer service. The positive feedback and rankings we’ve had from clients speak volumes about the durability and excellence of our sting headgear.
  • Reasonably priced: Considering its superior quality, our headgear is fairly priced. Purchasing in bulk or wholesale reduces costs even further and gives access to a wider market.
  • Professionals Trust Us: Our headgear is relied upon by trainers and sportsmen worldwide. Experts’ recommendations for our product attest to its reliability and effectiveness.


In conclusion, anyone looking for the best protection possible for combat sports can’t go wrong with the custom leather sting headgear. It is a remarkable product because of its many features, distinctive style, and premium synthetic leather construction. This headgear is ideal for individual athletes, gyms, and sports merchants alike and is available in bulk or wholesale. Choose this for your training and competitive needs if you don’t want to skimp on comfort or safety.

Put our sting headgear to the test and see the difference. Place your order right away to start on the path to improved performance and protection.

Quick Details

Brand Name: WORLD APPAREL ENTERPRISESPlace of Origin: Pakistan
Model Number: HG-15707Material: Synthetic Leather
Pattern Type: SolidGender: Unisex
Product Type: SportswearStyle: Casual
Martial Arts Wear: MMASupply Type: OEM service, ODM Service
Product Name: Head GuardsDesign: Customized
Color: All Colors are AvailableLogo: Custom Logo Printing
Size: All Size Are AvailablePrinting: Customized
Keywords: High Quality Head GuardsFeature: Soft

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Available in all another color, Black, Blue, Red

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