Wrestling is a physically demanding and intense sport that requires participants to wear specific clothing that allows them to move freely while also providing necessary support and protection. 


For female wrestlers, one of the most important questions is what to wear under their singlets, which are the tight-fitting, one-piece outfits that are standard in the sport.


In this article, we will explore the different options available to female wrestlers when it comes to undergarments, the pros and cons of each choice, and what female wrestlers should consider when choosing what to wear under their singlets.


Why is it Important to Choose the Right Undergarments?

Choosing the right undergarments when participating in any sport is essential for a variety of reasons. For female wrestlers, the right undergarments can help provide support, prevent chafing, and minimize the risk of injury. The wrong undergarments can cause discomfort, distract from the task at hand, and even lead to disqualification in some cases.


Options For Female Wrestlers

Female wrestlers have several options when it comes to undergarments to wear under their singlets. The most common options include:


Sports Bra and Athletic Underwear

Many female wrestlers choose to wear sports bras and athletic underwear under their singlets. This option provides the necessary support and coverage while also allowing for a full range of motion. The key to choosing the right sports bra is finding one that fits properly and provides enough support without being too tight. Similarly, athletic underwear should be snug enough to prevent movement but not so tight that it restricts movement or causes discomfort.

Sports Bra and Athletic Underwear

Compression Shorts or Leggings

Another option for female wrestlers is to wear compression shorts or leggings under their singlets. These garments are designed to provide support, prevent chafing, and improve circulation. Compression shorts are typically shorter than compression leggings, but both provide a full range of motion and support for the legs and hips. One potential downside to compression shorts or leggings is that they may be too tight for some wrestlers, causing discomfort or restriction of movement.

Compression Shorts or Leggings


A leotard is a one-piece garment that covers the torso and legs and is commonly worn by gymnasts and dancers. However, some female wrestlers choose to wear a leotard under their singlet for added coverage and support. Leotards come in a variety of styles and materials, including those specifically designed for athletic use.



Bodysuits are a popular alternative to traditional undergarments. They provide coverage from head to toe and can help to prevent chafing during matches. Many bodysuits are also designed to be moisture-wicking.



Some female wrestlers choose to wear nothing under their singlets. While this option provides maximum freedom of movement, it may not be the most comfortable or practical choice. Without any undergarments, the singlet may rub against the skin and cause chafing, and there is no support or coverage provided.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Undergarments

When choosing what to wear under their singlets, female wrestlers should consider several factors, including:


Comfort is essential when participating in any sport, and wrestling is no exception. Undergarments that are too tight, too loose, or otherwise uncomfortable can distract from the task at hand and even lead to injury.



Female wrestlers need adequate support to perform at their best and prevent injury. Undergarments that offer support and minimize movement are crucial for success in the sport.



Singlets provide minimal coverage, so female wrestlers may want to choose undergarments that provide additional coverage for modesty and protection.



The material undergarments can affect comfort, breathability, and moisture-wicking. Choosing materials that are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking can help female wrestlers stay cool and comfortable during matches.



choosing what to wear underneath your singlet is a personal choice. It’s important to choose something that is comfortable, provides support, and meets the requirements of your wrestling organization. Whether you choose a sports bra and briefs, compression shorts, leggings, singlet undergarments, or no undergarments, make sure to choose something that makes you feel confident and comfortable on the mat.


Frequently Asked Question

 Q: Are female wrestlers required to wear undergarments?

A: Yes, female wrestlers are required to wear undergarments under their singlets.

 Q: Can female wrestlers wear any type of undergarment?

A: No, female wrestlers are limited to certain types of undergarments for safety and modesty reasons.

 Q: What is the most popular choice for undergarments among female wrestlers?

The most popular choices for undergarments among female wrestlers are sports bras and compression shorts.

 Q: Are female wrestlers required to wear a specific color or style of undergarment?

A: No, there is no specific color or style of undergarment that female wrestlers are required to wear. However, they must comply with the rules and regulations of their particular wrestling organization.

 Q: What material is best for undergarments for female wrestlers?

A: The best material for undergarments for female wrestlers is one that is moisture-wicking and breathable. This helps to prevent sweat buildup and chafing during matches.

Q: Can female wrestlers wear underwear under their singlets?

A: No, female wrestlers are not allowed to wear traditional underwear under their singlets. They must wear approved undergarments that provide adequate coverage and support.

Q: How do female wrestlers choose the right undergarments for their body type?

A: Female wrestlers should choose undergarments that provide adequate support and coverage for their body type. It’s important to try on different styles and brands to find what works best for each individual wrestler.

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